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Electropolishing Systems, Inc.
24 Aldrin Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
Telephone (508) 830-1717
Electropolishing Systems, Inc.
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ESI is the best source for manufacturers of high quality parts who demand the same kind of expertise from a metal finisher as they do from themselves. We have become a vital link in our suppliers' manufacturing chain.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified source, we can assure our customers of the repeatability and traceability that is so important in today's manufacturing world.

Our sixty years of experience also enables us to be a valuable asset in solving many of the issues that are inherent with modern metal applications. It could be cleaning, passivating, anodizing, and or hardcoating Titanium, polishing Nitinol, electropolishing and passivating Stainless Steel, anodizing Aluminum, Laser Marking a variety of surfaces, or providing a variety of finishes to Exotic Specialty Metals, or even how best to form a cutting edge on a surgical device. Whatever your question or area of interest, we would like to help you get what you need and expect.

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